Where Industry & Internet Meet

May 25-27, 2016
Le 104, 5 rue Curial,
Paris, France

They're Attending

What makes Connected Conference great is how we bring together two different worlds - Industry & Internet - and get them talking about the catalysts that are changing their sectors.

This year on stage, as well as in our Exhibition Hall, we'll be focusing on 9 Tracks which correspond to 9 intersections between Industrial & Internet innovations:

3D meets AR/VR

In the past 5 years, 3D Printing has grown from a DIY/maker movement into a full-fledged shift in the way we manufacture goods. Transforming digital objects designed or generated by software into physical objects has never been easier.

At the same time, the rise of Virtual & Augmented reality allow us to bring our physical selves into the digital world. The convergence of these two applications is creating waves that will impact industries for decades to come.

Home & Security

The race to turn our homes into connected platforms for our daily lives is on - early leaders have taken mundane objects and turned them not only into smart devices, but data repositories of our everyday activities.

None have more to gain than those who sell us security & privacy: Insurance companies, surveillance systems & devices designed for families are thriving to get in front of this evolution.

Drones & Video

Drones are more than just the 21st century RC Cars - they are causing entire industries to rethink how they operate. Military applications continue to evolve, and the consumers are already hailing drone racing as this century's Formula One.

Meanwhile, 4K video quality is on the horizon, streaming video is the norm, and 360˚ HD video has been embraced by all major video players.

"More than 100 Exhibitors on display!"

"One of the rare European Conferences dedicated to Connected Hardware!"

"Cars, medical devices, sports, appliances — just about any industry that involves some piece of hardware that can now be embedded with a sensor"

Cars & AI

The Car industry is coming online, and the possibilities of a connected car go beyond keeping your GPS accurate. Massive recalls are replaced by software updates that change the physical nature of the car.

At the same time, AI, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, voice recognition & object recognition are all avenues to autonomous cars.

Health & Wearables

The Rise of Wearable computing has seen a flood of players looking to put sensors in your clothes, around your wrist & on your head. While the utility of each new product may be called into question, the possibilities they create seem endless.

The Health Industry seems ripe for change, and is on the cusp of embracing wearables as a way to decentralize how patients manage their health.

Retail & eCommerce

eCommerce has become a vast kingdom, and there's no doubt as to who their king is. For the hardware industry, sales ( & pre-sales) online have lowered the barrier to entry for new hardware innovations to get off the ground.

The retail industry has embraced eCommerce; however, their physical real-estate seems both cumbersome and appealing (to pure players). What will become of the boulevards & shopping streets? Can technology for retailers turn around sliding in-store revenue?

The Connected Home

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Bits & Pieces

The parts that run our technology are getting smaller at the same rate that our expectations of their performance grow. At the same time, the constant shift in consumer needs has allowed for new semiconductor players to enter the market, leapfrogging traditional leaders.

While 3D Printing has taken aim at the manufacturing industry, its leaders are in the spotlight now more than ever. Parts suppliers & manufacturers want the same thing: to get in front of the next big thing

Telco's & APIS

Billions of new devices will come online in the next few years, which raises the question: on which network will they communicate? TelCo's have embraced dedicated networks, while new players and approaches have raised large sums of money to build dedicated networks for your devices.

Top-selling products are still piggybacking off of your home or smartphone's wifi or data plan, and the race to build the next great platform for your home, car or office is on - whoever builds the biggest hub will control the data.

Cities & Data

What bigger data could there be than that of the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Traffic lights to coordinate, a fleet of self-driving cars to anticipate, utility infrastructure to monitor, and public works to coordinate.

The city is the ultimate proof for whether the anticipated rise of Big Data can show its fruits. Databases designed to store, retrieve & analyse it, tools built to make sense of it, and all that's left is for cities to plug it in. 

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